VoIP Services

Our QWWT offering

We offer an all-inclusive scalable cloud computing based telephony service making VoIP communications available and affordable to all. The QWWT service is targeted towards both the international and local markets featuring a broad array of features coupled with high availability and affordable prices. The QWWT solution provides a supplementary and/or alternative offering to the traditional on premise solution and brings small to medium sized businesses the benefits of enterprise-grade cloud services. The benefits include: reduction in capital spending, minimizing technology risk, increased business agility, and on demand scalability (consume services as required). QWWT is already in use around the world servicing hundreds of satisfied customers.

QWWT service key features

  • PBX with no need for customer premise equipment.
  • Service Flexibility and Scalability. Wide variety of services, starting from a basic service up to advanced telephony services. All based on a monthly fix price without obligations.
  • Inter/Intra Brach connectivity at no cost per call (including international locations).
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (laptop, tablet, smart-phone) – destination country’s local tariffs. No cost for internal calls.
  • Outgoing international calls – At a cost of destination country’s local tariffs.
  • Incoming international calls - At a cost of destination country’s local tariffs.

QWWT service extended features

  • Virtual conference rooms – local tariffs apply to all participants.
  • Fax to email services.
  • Voice mail – forward recorded voice messages via email.
  • IVR switching - to an office or international branch.
  • Call forwarding.
    • Local to international number (land/mobile at local country’s tariffs)
    • International to local number (land/mobile at local tariffs)
  • Flexible locations – no costs incurred when changing office/branch locations.
  • Same extension number for multiple telephony end point devices (IP phone, computer application, smart-phone).

For more information please contact us via email: info@qballtech.net or phone +972-72-2732280.